Kalt Emphasizes Swiss Quality and Innovation with Rene Weber as CEO North America

Kalt is a global leader in manufacturing machinery and equipment for milk processing and cheese production. With a strong emphasis on Swiss quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, Kalt has positioned itself as a premier provider in the industry. The appointment of Rene Weber as CEO North America signifies Kalt’s dedication to expanding its presence and advancing its offerings in the North American market.

Rene Weber brings over three decades of expertise in the cheese and dairy sector, having directed operations and managed leading companies both domestically and internationally. His extensive experience includes designing and constructing cutting-edge cheese production facilities across North and South America, making him an ideal fit to lead Kalt North America towards continued success.

As a Master Cheesemaker with a Swiss Federal Diploma, Rene’s credentials are exemplary. His achievement includes the development of a cheese that earned a super gold accolade at the prestigious World Cheese Awards. Additionally, his involvement in esteemed organizations such as the Guild of Cheesemakers and his role as a judge at renowned cheese competitions further underscore his expertise and commitment to the industry.

With Rene Weber at the helm, Kalt is poised to deepen its roots and expand its footprint in the Americas, reaffirming its dedication to growth, innovation, and excellence in milk processing and cheese production machinery and equipment. Contact: