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Cleaning systems

Cheese slicer

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Test plants

Alluvial tube battery

Soft cheese plants

Cleaning systems

CIP Station

The Cleaning-in-Place (CIP) station consists of an acid, a caustic and a water tank. The CIP-capable machines, to which the station is connected to, are cleaned via a defined program.

Cleaning Booths

Perfect for cleaning your carts or racks in it – for example your hurdle stacks. This keeps them as good as new and meet the highest hygiene standard.

Immersion Baths

Immersion baths contain a liquid in which carts and racks can Immersion baths contain a liquid which can be used for the immersion of carts and racks. They are especially suitable for smaller companies..

Steam Booths

With steam not only can you perform excellent cleaning, but you can also sterilize. The principle of the steam cabin is similar to that of cleaning cabins.

Cheese slicers

Whether you want to cut unripened or ripened cheese – at Kalt, you will find what you need. We offer you various designs for this purpose.

Bar Cutters

Suitable for unripened cheese and available in different shapes.

Block Cutters

You can use block cutters for ripened as well as unripened cheese.

Test plants

Would you like to test a new recipe or be convinced of the high quality of Kalt machines? For this purpose, we offer small test plants that compile several machines into one and which are adapted to your needs.

Alluvial tube battery

Fill your cheese into sticks or cylinders and press it with its own weight. After that you can portion the cheese with the stick cutter.

Soft cheese plants

We offer three different soft cheese plants, which are available in individual designs.

Feta Plant

Grilled Cheese Plant

Soft Cheese Vat

Special machine

Customer:Industrial company in France
Capacity:9 cassette molds for a total of 54 pressing points
Verion:With unique turning and cutting equipment for special intermediate treatment during pressing for semi-hard specialty cheeses

Cleaning booth

Immersion bath

Alluvial tube battery

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