From the manual Multi Press to the fully automatic, computer-controlled Cassettepress

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Cheese pressing systems


2- and 4-pillar versions available

The patented Kalt Cassettepress is designed for single and multi-batch operations. The curd is automatically flushed into the round or the square molds, gently pressed, and discharged from the molds onto a conveyor belt for further treatment.

Volumes10’000 – 35’000 liters
Automation levelSemi and fully automatic
Area of applicationLoaves, blocks and bars in various formats

Multi Press

The Kalt Multi Press is designed for single-batch and multi-batch operations. Different formats can be produced on one and the same plant.

Volumes3’000 – 10’000 liters
Automation levelSemi and fully automatic
Area of applicationLoaves and blocks in various formats

Flow Press

With the refined filling and pressing system of the Kalt Flow Press, different formats can be produced in batch operation on the same line. The gently filled cheese is automatically conveyed to an air-conditioned press line.

VolumesUp to 35’000 Liter
Automation levelFully automatic
Area of applicationCustomized versions available

Pre-pressing Vat

Volumes6’000 – 20’000 liters
Automation levelFully automatic
Area of applicationFormat independent pressing

Yoke Press

Volumes300 – 4’000 liters
Automation levelManual
Area of applciationSmall quantities or experimental plants

Turning Press

Volumes3 – 40 forms
Automation levelManual
Area of applicationLarge loaves (Gruyère, Emmental, Sbrinz)


A wide range of accessories is available as an option.

Dry filling machine
Brand applicator
pH probe
Mold cart
Mold changing cart
Spice admixtures
Conveyor belts
Roller conveyors
Saltwater channel
Chain/handle conveyor

2-pillar cassettepress

Customer:Medium sized industrial company in Austria
Capacity:12 cassette molds for 36 pressing points with loaf diameter 600 mm
Version:Forming by means of shaking technology

4-pillar cassettepress

Customer:Large industrial company in Germany
Capacity:Three machines for a total of 384 press stations
Version:Stainless steel cassettes for long formats 1100*100 and with shaking technology

Multi press

Customer:Industrial company in Switzerland
Capacity:36 pressing stations for loaves with diameter 700 mm
Version:With forming station inside the tank

The Cassettepress in detail

Highly efficient


Any cheese

Kalt control unit

  • Siemens Touch Panel
  • User-friendly interface
  • Simple and logical structure
  • Intuitive operation
  • Creation of own recipes
Kalt Steuerung

Kalt handling unit

  • State-of-the-art servo technology
  • Safe drives
  • Adjustable speed and acceleration
  • High precision and speed on all axes
  • Filling for each cassette individually controllable

Kalt filling technology

  • Gentle and loss-free portioning
  • High filling and weight accuracy
  • Short filling times
  • Curd always below whey level
  • Wet and dry filling possible

Kalt cassette molds

  • Patented design completely in stainless steel
  • Whey deposit possible
  • Seamless joining for portioning without loss of broken grains
  • Special perforation for uniform whey removal
  • Customized dimensions and formats

Kalt pressing lid

  • Special perforation in stainless steel
  • Patented design
  • Accurate fit and virtually hairless
  • Special surface treatment for gentle shaping
  • Hygienic and durable

Kalt pressing process

  • Product-specific pressing process
  • Controlled temperature process
  • Each cheese is pressed individually
  • Adjustable pressure

Molding and conveying

  • Shaking technology
  • Automatic and monitored
  • Spreading directly into brine bath channel or on conveyor belt

CIP cleaning

  • Fully automatic cleaning
  • For entire product range incl. molds and press covers
  • Cleaning even after several batches
  • Compliance with the highest hygiene standards

All-in-one system

The Cassettepress can process up to 35,000 liters with clear batch separation. It can be filled wet or dry without any breakage loss. The filling time is only 10-12 minutes and is characterized by high filling accuracy.

Each cheese is pressed individually. The pressing programs are adjustable according to the type of cheese. The climate controlled press ensures high quality results. The molds and lids of the Cassettepress are made of stainless steel. The dripping whey is collected in a tub.

Acidification takes place in the closed press. The pH curve can be controlled via the air-conditioned press chamber. Optionally, a pH radio measuring probe can be permanently installed.

Due to the advanced Kalt shaking technology, the de-molding is carried out hygienically and gently. Afterwards, your product can be transferred directly into the salt bath channel or onto a conveyor belt or table.

CIP cleaning can be initiated after several operating batches. This involves cleaning the press including the molds. In a complete system consisting of several Cassettepresses, cleaning can be carried out without interrupting operation.

Cheese variants

The range extends from 30 x 10 cm bread loaf molds to 50 x 30 cm Euroblock formats and molds for the production of 120 x 10 cm long string cheese.

From the small round Tête de Moine with a diameter of 10.5 cm, to the Appenzeller with a diameter of 30 cm, to the large Emmentaler with a diameter of 82 cm, everything is possible.

Stainless steel cheese molds

The Kalt Cassette is composed of several round or square cheese molds of freely selectable size, which are lined up next to each other. Since the cheese molds are made of high-quality stainless steel, they are particularly durable and extremely hygienic.

The specific perforation of the fine-perforated plates used enables uniform removal of whey and also prevents the undesirable formation of hair, which is often observed in cheese production with plastic molds.

Pressing process

The Kalt Cassettepress is designed to precisely meet a wide variety of specifications. The pressing program in question is adapted to the customer’s particular cheese product. The press lid play a special role in the pressing process, as their special perforation ensures uniform removal of the whey from the cheese loaves.

The pressing process can take between 30 minutes and 18 hours. The temperature curve can be controlled differently and each cheese can be pressed individually with a variable pressing pressure.

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