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From milk reception to milk treatment and cheese production, Kalt supplies the complete control system.

Through the merger with staedler automation, a large engineering team is available for customer-specific control solutions. Standard functions allow efficient and intuitive implementation. Third-party systems can also be integrated into the Kalt central control system.

Cheese Dairy Control System

Central recipe management enables continuously high product quality across all machines.

A central naming and labeling system for all elements in a cheese control system allows quick identification of the components. All pumps, valves and sensors are named uniformly and can be quickly identified via the visualization as well as on the component.

A record of the process steps performed allows the entire process to be tracked. A connection to the cheese ERP system enables complete synchronization of the orders.


Kalt machines are known for an exceptionally long service life. Kalt can supply many components as spare parts for years. Control components have a limited service life. Kalt can offer a competent solution here. Upgrading the control to the current state of the art is possible at any time and is implemented by an experienced team.

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