Optimum treatment during the acidification
phase by a customized drainage systems

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Drainage systems


Efficiency: The stacker can be directly connected to several cheeses pressing systems and automatically stacks your cheese in the hurdle stack.

Hurdle Stack

Consisting of individual trays, the hurdle stack can be quickly and easily stacked manually or automatically. The cheeses can be placed in plastic molds in a secondary system until the pH value stabilizes.

Stack Turner

It must be turned to produce a homogeneous cheese. To accomplish this, the hurdle stack can be clamped in the turning system and turned upside down to allow the cheese to drain.

Stacker and De-stacker

After using a secondary system in the hurdle stack, the stacker and de-stacker are used to remove it for the next step in the cheese processing after the cheese has stabilized.

Draining Cart

The draining cart is perfectly suitable for stacking and temporarily storing of the cheese after pressing, especially for smaller cheese production plants.

Stacker and De-stacker

Stack turner

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