Kalt brine bath systems with integrated circulation, filtration and cooling systems

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Brine bath systems

Brine Bath Tanks

Kalt brine bath systems ensure perfect flow and particle removal of the cheese with low maintenance. From small to large brine bath systems – Kalt manufactures the perfect version and design for the size of your plant. Circulation, filtration and cooling of the plants with overflow system can be controlled either fully automatically or manually.

2D/3D Crane Systems

The crane systems associated with the salt bath are manufactured in a multi-dimensional modular design for the brine bath systems in high-quality stainless steel. Naturally, they are individually adapted to the local conditions.

Crane system

Customer:Large industrial company in Germany
Capacity:For 20 hurdle stacks
Version:Stainless steel containers

Crane system

Customer:Large industrial company in Germany
Capacity:Load capacity 1’000 kg
Version:Three-dimensional, chain equipment rust resistant

Brine bath systems

Customer:Large industrial company in Switzerland
Capacity:15’000 liters
Version:Stainless steel container divided for different types of cheese

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