Kalt Maschinenbau AG and staedler automation AG: Two strong companies join forces and go common ways in the future

The owners of Kalt Maschinenbau AG (“Kalt”) and staedler automation AG (“staedler”) have agreed to pursue joint paths in the future. Kalt, a leading international specialist in cheese-making, dairy and process technology, and staedler, a provider of industrial automation solutions, want to join forces and in future appear together on the market as a full-range supplier, thus further accelerating the growth course of recent years. The previous owners of staedler, Lukas Städler and Thomas Fäh, are taking a stake in the Kalt Group and strengthening the management team at group level.

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Strong growth and innovative products

staedler is a young, dynamic and innovative company with excellent customer understanding and reputation in the field of industrial automation. In addition to process controls and robotics solutions, staedler also offers industrial machines for cooking and cooling food. Lukas Städler founded the company in 2009, and staedler now employs around 30 specialized staff. In order to continue the high growth of the last years, staedler’s previous owners examined various growth options. One of them was to initiate the next growth phase with an external partner.

With Kalt, this partner was found, with whom one can position oneself as a larger and unified group. The competencies, products and customers of the two companies are complementary. Lukas Städler emphasizes enthusiastically: “Continuity and sustainable growth were always important to me as the founder. Satisfying customer needs will continue to be our focus in the future. The merger will enable us to develop new, innovative products even better and faster and offer our customers a broader range of products.”

Focus on technology, quality and automation

As in many industries, automation is also advancing continuously in cheese technology. Competencies in the areas of robotics, control, and software are becoming increasingly important. This is precisely where Daniel Martin, former CEO of the Kalt Group, sees the greatest advantages for its customers: “Kalt is known for high-quality products with a focus on technology, quality and automation. With staedler’s core competencies in robotics and process automation, we will be able to act as a full-range supplier on the market in the future and focus even more on automation solutions and interlinking of the entire production process.” Antonio Cives, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Kalt Group and Managing Partner at CGS Management AG, explains, “When we acquired Kalt in mid-2020, we announced that we would push ahead with internationalization and broaden the product portfolio by means of acquisitions. Since then, we have been working hard to increase our geographic reach. With the merger with staedler, we will now also complement the product portfolio and thus consistently implement the jointly developed strategy. We are particularly pleased that Lukas Städler and Thomas Fäh are highly motivated to contribute their experience and expertise to management roles at group level in the future.”

Together with CFO Marcel Kuhn, Lukas Städler and Thomas Fäh hold a significant minority stake in the group. Kalt and staedler thus remain under entrepreneurial management. The majority shareholder of the group is the Swiss investor CGS.

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